"Food is medicine, kindness is therapeutic, & self-love is essential."  -Herameah

Welcome & Thank You for your interest in Herameah gifts from nature.  

Herameah was founded out of passion to encourage people to enhance their natural ability to heal themselves.  

I, Kim E Morgan, the owner, created the name Herameah by combining the names of my four children, HEather, bRAndon, caMEron, & noAH.  Ironically, HERA is known as the “Earth Goddess" in Greek Mythology.

Herameah gifts from nature takes prides in promoting methods & products that enhance & balance the mind, body, & spirit through proper nutrition & self-care.  Having worked with herbs & natural remedies for almost 40 years, it is still such a blessing to help others to heal themselves.

Our goal is to assist others to restore their health by helping to correct the imbalance and restore harmony to the body.

Herameah looks forward to helping you find the solution that works best for you!    


Health & Happiness!


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