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Everything is made of energy, including you! is an online community and premium media service that provides information, exercises and tools to help people transform their energy, discover their infinite potential and lead happier, healthier lives. 



Body & Brain TV is the YouTube channel that gives you tools to live a healthy, happy, and peaceful life, based on your natural body and brain system.  You'll find videos demonstrating Body & Brain's unique style of Yoga, Tai Chi, Breathing and Medtitation, as well as podcast-style discussions of personal health and wellness, and good news stories from Body & Brain centers around the United States.

Brain Education TV


Brain Education TV is a self improvement channel for the brain with videos on how to practice self care and boost your brain power. Our mission is to give HOPE to people for creating the life they want. Whether it's physical health, emotional healing, or mental wellbeing, we provide weekly videos on how to adopt simple, self improvement techniques to TAKE BACK YOUR BRAIN and transform your life.


Body & Brain TV is a free service to enhance Mindy, Body, & Spirit

Physical health, emotional wellbeing and spiritual satisfaction are not separate. Body & Brain practice provides practical techniques and programs to help you care for all three of these important aspects of life.


Massaging healing points and breathing out until the pain lessens will help your body heal the issue at hand.

Revolutionary self-healing method for pain relief & mind-body relaxation in as little as 1 minute! 

BHP stands for Brain Education Healing Points, which are points on the head, fingers, and toes that are connected to the brain and can signal a physical or emotional imbalance. BHP Energy Healing helps you activate your natural healing power by finding and pressing on these points. It's a self-healing practice that anyone can easily practice regardless of age and condition.

1 Minute Chane App

This is a great app that allows you to choose 1-minute exercises throughout the day to keep your body moving!

The One Minute Change App is designed to get you moving in one-minute intervals throughout the day for a total of 10 minutes a day.

Our bodies aren't designed to sit for long periods of time, but most of us are stuck at a desk for up to 10 hours per day, without taking proper breaks for the mind and body. The One Minute Change App will remind you each hour to get up, get moving, and get the energy flowing through your body for 60 seconds every hour. t only takes one minute per hour to recharge your energy and stimulate the mind - that's it.

"A body in motion stays in motion, a body at rest stays at rest."